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Mentorointi / A&R / Kurssit

We offer individual mentoring and coaching services as well as a diverse range of training options for communities, groups, and educational institutions. Our services can be expanded from personal meetings to course-based programs. We also provide content on various aspects of music upon request. Individual mentoring/coaching sessions can be conducted remotely or in person.

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Art is Me is a coaching program led by psychologist Jaana Mäntykoski and musician Tommi Kalenius, aimed at coaching artists and music creators in their creative work.

Coaching sessions are for artists and music creators who aim to advance their careers systematically and comprehensively. For those whose creative work is a passion and "the only option." The coaching is built on a creator-centered and structured approach. An intensive journey awaits, consisting of four main components: creative work, artist branding, entrepreneurship, and artist identity. Creative coaching is conducted through individual and group coaching sessions. 

for more information on the prices, schedules, and registration for the creativity coaching

is led by psychologist Jaana Mäntykoski and musician Tommi Kalenius.


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Tunne Luovuus - after movie

A summary of last year's creativity week, held as part of Art is Me coaching program.

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