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Music Box Helsinki

Music Box Helsinki is an independent Finnish music corporation that operates closely with artists and creative professionals.


We provide management, label, and publishing services, as well as engage in various creative industry innovation and project initiatives.


Additionally, we offer coaching for creators on music industry content.

Music Box Helsinki is an independent Finnish music corporation founded in 2018.

At the turn of the Millennium singer-songwriter Tommi Kalenius began his career in music by releasing his songs by himself. At 2007 he made a contract with Kaiku Entertainment as an artist and a housewriter. This lead into a recording contract with Universal Music. 

The ten years working relationship with Kaiku gave Kalenius an insight into the pop production and the world of the music management and publishing. At the same time he gained his position as a songwriter. Several Finnish artists with several styles have recorded and performed his songs. 

During all these years Kalenius had a dream of an independent music company. In 2018 Kalenius launched Music Box Helsinki and in 2020 he joined Family in Music as a head of the content team. While having more and more international contacts, Kalenius had an even more precise idea of the community of the independent music creators. The field of music grows rapidly with great possibilities.  Professionally, with an able team. Independently. 







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